Friday, April 9, 2010

Pouch / beg telekung

Drawstring style pouch : Suitable to put in your telekung. Size that can fit inside your handbag.

Price: RM22.00
Size: 11" (W) x 12" (H) x 4"(D)

there's an open pocket inside that can be use to put in Surah Yasin

here are some examples:


  1. Comellah beg ni, it gives me an idea utk buat similar beg telekung, but of course different version, sebab usually beg telekung asyik berzip aje dan tote beg, this is totally cuter version, Kak Haida.

  2. thanks nomaliza.. i'm sure yours would be better. i'm not good with zipper sebab tu buat mcm tu.. hehe

  3. I pun sebab tak pandai guna zipper tu yang cari idea macam ni...I will name it sempena nama you since you are the one who gave me the inspiration :)

  4. so pretty bags and fabrics hehe.. even bears

    I blogged